Local everywhere
This year’s report includes symbols that represent each of Russia’s republics, illustrating our commitment to meeting the needs of Russia’s diverse population.
Annual Report 2017
Every customer is our priority

We continued to deliver on our core strategic goals, maintaining sustainable profitability thanks to intelligent organic growth and a relentless focus on efficiency at every level of our operations.

Strategic focus on local needs

While our core strategic priorities remain intact, X5 is transforming itself into a customer-centric, data driven, innovative company that provides modern food retail to diverse groups of customers across the regions of Russia where we operate.

Local creates value for customers

We set new all-time records for Pyaterochka, passing RUB 1 trillion in net retail sales and adding more than 1 million square metres of new selling space for the first time in our history.

Local creates value for suppliers

Perekrestok strengthened its position as Russia’s #1 supermarket format in 2017, with 638 stores operating in around 130 cities and towns as of year end.

New CVP for new stage of growth

Last year marked a turning point for Karusel, as we developed and approved a new customer value proposition and branding for our hypermarkets, which are based on a deep understanding of our target audience and modern shopping trends.

Local is profitable

Our strong financial results, healthy balance sheet and efficient operations put X5 in a good position to continue its rapid growth, even as we distribute profit in line with the new dividend policy.

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